Opportunities for Stainless Steel in Renewable and Low Carbon Energy Technologies

Achieving targets set by the UK government's Renewable Energy Strategy could see £100bn invested in the renewable energy sector by 2020 but what are the opportunities for the UK stainless steel industry?

The BSSA has undertaken research to explore the opportunities for stainless steel from the renewable and low carbon energy technologies. The research gathered information from a range of government and industry sources and provides an up-to-date and comprehensive overview of the UK renewable energy market and devlopment status of each technology. A report is now available.

The study has looked in depth at:

  • On and Offshore Wind
  • Wave & Tidal
  • Bio-energy
  • Carbon Capture and Storage

In the report the different technolgies are explained, timescales described and the likely contribution each may make to the future energy mix. The report also highlights the existing and potential uses for stainless steel.

The report costs £50 including postage and packaging for the UK. Postage costs will be added for non-UK destinations.


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